Acquire new customers.
Sell more products.

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Acquire new customers

Reach active shoppers and turn them into customers with compelling offers. Forepoint enables you to place your offer across our network of retailers, expanding your brand awareness.

Select Products

Choose popular products aligned with your offer and place it directly in front of shoppers. Perhaps the latest digital cameras?

Define your Offer

You choose the length of time, you choose the incentive. Make it compelling to ensure shoppers convert. How about a free photography course? Or free photo book?

Sit back and relax

Forepoint processes offer redemptions and sends new customers your way. They earned it, and it's a perfect fit.

Acquire customers

With offers aligned closely to shoppers' new purchases you'll see great retention rates! Your offer converts a paying customer.

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Incentivize your customers

Give your shoppers another reason to purchase from you. Forepoint distributes channel-wide, retailer-exclusive and network-exclusive product promotions like mail-in rebates and free gift offers.

Drive Sales

With big cash rebates and closely-aligned affinity offers, your shoppers will buy more. You have the power to feature promotions to maximize the sales potential.

Improve Loyalty

Shoppers want the best prices and the best deals. Channel-wide offers keep them from bouncing and exclusive offers keep them coming back!

It's Free

Basic product promotion data is free! Use our widgets, API and data feeds to ensure you always have current promotions.


Sell more products

Forepoint distributes your mail-in rebates and free gift offers to our network of online retailers and shopping sites.

It's Easy

Simply email your offer PDF file to Forepoint and we do the rest. Promotions are verified and distributed on the start date to eligible retailers in our network.

It's Free

Basic promotion distribution is free! You're guaranteed to get your offers out to more retailers in less time.

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